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Happy Partners!

We all love dogs (or, at least, anyone who has come to this site loves dogs). They are our companions, our friends, our family. One could even say they complete us.

But, as in any relationship, sometimes things don’t go smoothly. Dogs can be outright stubborn. Think of that “look” your dog gives you.


It can say:

“I’m not getting into that tub no matter how many cookies you give me.”

Or, “I’m not eating this food. It’s not fit for a dog.”

Or, “I’m not moving from this spot until I sniff this tree.”

Dogs can also be less-than-good. That has a “look,” too.


It says:

“I hope you didn’t like those Ugg slippers too much.”

Or, “It’s your fault you left the chicken so close to the corner of the counter.”

“I was just helping keep the cat’s litter box was clean.”

Thank Heavens our dogs are less-than-perfect since we are less-than-perfect, too. How boring would it be to have a dog that did everything right? Dogs are comics and their behavior, good or bad, is often comical. And that humor connects us with our dogs in a way that only love surmounts.

But sometimes, we-who-are-chosen-to-care-for-these-wonderful-beasts, need a bit of help to keep both us and our dogs happy. You’ll find that help here plus a community that shares all things dog.