Dealing with Dogs and Leaves

Here we are again – falling back in time and enjoying the Fall itself. The leaves on the ground get more abundant; the weather gets cooler (in my area at least); and the days get shorter.

Dogs and leaves
Dog and leaves

Those leaves are turning and falling and can be quite a nuisance even for our dogs. A few things to keep in mind –


  • Leaves are crunchy and have a fragrance of their own. If your dog isn’t used to this, if you’ve moved from a place without this Fall phenomena, then she might be skittish at first. So…
    • Give her time
    • Rake the area that she will be in
    • Avoid them if she doesn’t adjust
  • Leaves can cause irritation. My dog Bunch’s skin is irritated by dry leaves.
    • Again, rake that area (the leaves not your dog’s)
    • Clean their skin off when you get inside. A full bath isn’t necessary. Try a hypoallergenic, totally naturally baby wipe.
    • Apply a topical solution such as coconut oil (dogs can have a bit of that) or a Neosporin type of ointment. Be sure to watch your dog with that to make she doesn’t lick the area though, if she licks a very small amount, it’s not toxic.
  • Be prepared for leaf jumping. If your dog loves leaves and you’ve raked, she may very well find leaf piles irresistible.
Dogs may love leaf jumping
Dogs may love leaf jumping
  • Make certain there are no objects in the piles including stones, rakes, angry squirrels…
  • Check for any skin irritation afterwards
  • Keep her out of the way til those leaves are firmly put in their place

Leaf Watching

  • How do you watch a leaf? Well, many folks do. And it can mean lots of extra cars in some areas.
    • If your dog is somewhat afraid of cars like Bunch is, try to find another route for walking, etc. Even in a city there may be many more cars than usual driving out to the country to see the foliage
    • Be prepared for extra noise
    • Be more careful crossing streets even at crosswalks. Some drivers, especially if they’re from out of town, don’t know or don’t adhere to your area’s rules.


Leaves everywhere and what to do with them? Ah, if only our dogs would help with the raking…





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