Who’s That Little Doggie in the Window?

Dogs like to know what’s going on around them in their space and what’s going on outside their place. The more they can look at and the more they can sniff around, the better.

Bunch in the window
Bunch in the window

If you have the choice when renting or buying a place, look for at least one big window your dog can look out of. To help her out, consider either –

  • Inserting a shelf so she can look out of the window while standing
  • Use a bench that’s the right height for her to sit or lay down and look out

For the standing option, you’ll want to limit the sight-seeing a bit since many bigger dogs’ back legs can get strained (and your Chihuahua isn’t going to reach that shelf).

For the bench, use those non-skid rug pads and put a pillow or a blanket on it to make it more comfortable.

Never, ever leave the window open. Screens help but aren’t a guarantee that your pup won’t decide to chase a passing squirrel or cat…

doggie-in-the-window-cat (2)

If your place doesn’t have a window, getting your dog outside as much as possible is imperative. Consider finding a spot where your dog can observe everything, sitting with her on a long lead (her, not you). And when you go on walks, make sure you give her lots of sniffing time (whether she has a look-out station or not).





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