Cabin Fever

Bunch mopes
Cabin Fever – Dogs get it, too

Ten inches of snow outside? Ice that makes it tough to even shuffle along? Is “Slow!” the main command you’re using?

If you live in a place where winter weather takes itself seriously, like I do, you may be in for cabin fever. And, your dog may be, too.

The solution – play, play, play inside!

  • Get those toys out.
  • Grab the Kong that is so good at hiding treats (or peanut butter).
  • Teach your dog new tricks.
  • Roll that big ball from the dollar store (you may have to retrieve it yourself but we need exercise, too, eh?).
  • Massage your canine love
  • Use Acupressure on points where it benefits your pup’s issues
  • Pay attention to your pup a bit more than usual

And wear excellent snow boots or snow cleats to get her out in that weather. Like these –

cabin fever cleats


Most of all, watch those treats and her amount of food. Humans aren’t the only ones who can get that winter chubbiness.



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